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Cambridge China Centre is pleased to present Note of Mandarin Wine Club, a webinar series hosted fortnightly on Sundays by Cambridge alumna Janet Z. Wang, author of The Chinese Wine Renaissance (foreword by Oz Clarke, Penguin Randomhouse).

This is your chance to learn more about China – its history, culture, people, market, conducted in a fun and relaxed setting, supplemented by at-home wine tasting, should you wish to have a glass at hand while joining in the live sessions, held on alternate Sunday evenings.

How it works

Series One of the webinar delves into the world of Chinese wine regions and wine culture. You will learn about different parts of China through a whirlwind tour of their fledgling wine industries. Wine is the bloodline of a place and its people and is more insightful than you might imagine!

The series is accompanied by a mixed case of fine wines from various wine regions of China, from international award winning vineyards. You will be treated to delicious and characterful wines from China, some made in familiar European styles and others from unique grape varieties and blends. The webinars are free to attend. If you wish to buy the mixed case of wine that accompanies the series, please find out more here. For each session, you are encouraged to open a corresponding bottle of wine to taste with the host and other participants in a ‘virtual’ tasting.

Series One webinars will be held on the following dates at 8PM, via Zoom and WeChat platform Xiao’e Tong.

8 PM (U.K)     Zoom ID: 821 7602 0991

Season 1 Date 主题 Title
1 11-Oct-2020 中国酒简史 A brief history of Chinese wine
2 25-Oct-2020 中国葡萄酒产区 – 山东/山西 China wine regions – Shandong & Shanxi
3 8-Nov-2020 中国葡萄酒产区 – 京津冀 Chinese wine regions – Around the Capital
4 22-Nov-2020 中国葡萄酒产区 – 丝绸之路 Chinese wine regions – Along the Silk Road
5 06-Dec-2020 葡萄美酒中的中西文化 Chinese & Western cultures in a wine glass
6 20-Dec-2020 起泡酒-节日专辑 Sparkling wines – holiday special

Sparkling Wine Mixed Case: France vs. England vs. China!

‘First things first. Get the champagne.’ said Winston Churchill – a man who knew how to prioritise and handle crises. But had he been around to deal with a year like 2020, would he be drinking French Champagne or English sparkling wine? And how would they compare to the Chinese vintage Blanc de Blancs served to the Heads of States and VIPs at the Beijing Olympics 2008?

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Chinese Fine Wine Mixed Case

This is a UK premiere and unique opportunity to taste six fine wines from China from six different regions, accompanied by three wine webinars for you to learn about these wonderful regions — the wines, the land and the culture.

The wines are offered at an exclusive wine club price with free postage & packaging, which cannot be matched elsewhere. If you are interested in tasting and learning about the wide ranging styles of Chinese fine wines, this would be your best chance!

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