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Cambridge China Centre is pleased to present Note of Mandarin Wine Club, a webinar series hosted fortnightly on Sundays by Cambridge alumna Janet Z. Wang, author of The Chinese Wine Renaissance (foreword by Oz Clarke, Penguin Randomhouse).

This is your chance to learn more about China – its history, culture, people, market, conducted in a fun and relaxed setting, supplemented by at-home wine tasting, should you wish to have a glass at hand while joining in the live sessions, held on alternate Sunday evenings.

How it works

Series One of the webinar delves into the world of Chinese wine regions and wine culture. You will learn about different parts of China through a whirlwind tour of their fledgling wine industries. Wine is the bloodline of a place and its people and is more insightful than you might imagine!

The series is accompanied by a mixed case of fine wines from various wine regions of China, from international award winning vineyards. You will be treated to delicious and characterful wines from China, some made in familiar European styles and others from unique grape varieties and blends. The webinars are free to attend. If you wish to buy the mixed case of wine that accompanies the series, please find out more here. For each session, you are encouraged to open a corresponding bottle of wine to taste with the host and other participants in a ‘virtual’ tasting.

Series One webinars will be held on the following dates at 8PM, via Zoom and WeChat platform Xiao’e Tong.

8 PM (U.K)     Zoom ID: 821 7602 0991

Season 1 Date 主题 Title
1 11-Oct-2020 中国酒简史 A brief history of Chinese wine
2 25-Oct-2020 中国葡萄酒产区 – 山东/山西 China wine regions – Shandong & Shanxi
3 8-Nov-2020 中国葡萄酒产区 – 京津冀 Chinese wine regions – Around the Capital
4 22-Nov-2020 中国葡萄酒产区 – 丝绸之路 Chinese wine regions – Along the Silk Road
5 06-Dec-2020 葡萄美酒中的中西文化 Chinese & Western cultures in a wine glass
6 20-Dec-2020 起泡酒-节日专辑 Sparkling wines – holiday special

Chinese Fine Wine Mixed Case

This is a UK premiere and unique opportunity to taste six fine wines from China from six different regions, accompanied by three wine webinars for you to learn about these wonderful regions — the wines, the land and the culture.

The wines are offered at an exclusive wine club price with free postage & packaging, which cannot be matched elsewhere. If you are interested in tasting and learning about the wide ranging styles of Chinese fine wines, this would be your best chance!

Order the mixed case now!

Add The Chinese Wine Renaissance to your mixed case for a special wine club price of £16.00 (RRP £25)

This is the first book of its kind written in English that introduces Chinese wines in the context of history, culture, arts and much more. With a foreword by international best selling author Oz Clarke OBE, and shortlisted for the “Oscars of Wine” Louis Roederer Wine Book of the Year 2019, and overall winner of the Gourmand Award World Wine Book Award 2020. We are delighted to offer this book, written by our webinar series speaker – Janet Wang – at an exclusive wine club price, which can be added to a mixed case.

More book information and specifications: https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/111/1117238/the-chinese-wine-renaissance/9781529103601.html

Wine in the Mixed Case

Shandong 山东 | Syrah blend 西拉混酿 | “The Philosopher” “哲学家” | Treaty Port Estate 登龙酒庄 | dry red wine 干红葡萄酒 | vintage: 2016 年份:2016 | RRP: £13.00

This is a boutique vineyard established in 2005 by Englishman Chris Ruffle, situated in Penglai, Shandong peninsula on the Eastern coast of China. The Philosopher is named after the Taoist monk Qiu Chuji, whose temple lies within the Treaty Port vineyards.

The core of the wine is Syrah which excelled in the 2016 vintage with rich cherry and wonderful structure. This wine is listed by the very exclusive private members club Brooks’s in London.

登龙酒庄是一家小型私人庄园,由英国人Chris Ruffle于2005年建立,位于中国东部的山东蓬莱半岛。 葡萄园中还有一座道教大师长春子的庙!

这款酒的主要葡萄品种是西拉,在2016年份中表现出色,有着浓郁的樱桃香气和美好的结构。这款酒被列入伦敦著名私人俱乐部 Brooks‘s Club的酒单。

Shanxi 山西 | Pinot Noir 黑皮诺 | Rongzi Winery 戎子酒庄 | dry red wine 干红葡萄酒 | 2018 | RRP: £15.99

Rongzi Winery is located in Shanxi province, in central northern China. Vines are grown at 1000m on tjhe famous Loess Plateau. The chief winemaker at Rongzi is world-renowned Mr Jean-Claude Berrouet, former winemaker at the legendary Château Pétrus.

Pinot Noir is a notoriously elusive variety and requires considerable care and skill in order to produce fine examples. Try for yourself this commendable effort from China – one of the very few vineyards in China producing fine Pinot Noir at this moment in time!

戎子酒庄位于中国中北部的山西省。葡萄生长在海拔一千米以上的著名的黄土高原。戎子酒庄的首席酿酒师是著名的Jean-Claude Berrouet先生,曾任神坛级酒庄柏图斯的酿酒师。


Hebei 河北 | ‘Dragon Eye’ Longyan 龙眼 | Martin Winery 马丁酒荘 | dry white wine 干白葡萄酒 | 2018 | RRP: £19.49

Martin Winery was founded in 1997, with the support of former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath following his state visit to China in 1996. The winery was initially a joint venture between a British and a Chinese enterprise. Martin Vineyard is located in the much heralded new wine region Yanhuai Valley, Huailai in Hebei province.

This wine is made with Longyan ‘Dragon Eye’ grape – a distinctive variety grown in China.



Beijing 北京 | Organic Blanc 有机白葡萄酒 | Petit Manseng, Viognier, Chardonnay and Roussane blend 小芒森,维欧尼,霞多丽,瑚珊 混酿 | Chateau Bolongbao 波龙宝酒庄 | dry white wine 干白葡萄酒 | 2015 | RRP: £25.99

Bolongbao Winery is located within the villages of Fangshan, a south-western suburban region of Beijing in northern China. Combining 100% organic farming, traditional winemaking techniques and a state-of-the-art modern winery, Bolongbao is a flagship organic winery, having been certified organic according to China, US and EU rules since 2005.

This blend is distinctive and unusual, yet any blind taster would place the wine style in France. Have a taste for yourself to discover the high level of Chinese fine wine making in the European style.



Xinjiang 新疆 | Cabernet Sauvignon & Marselan blend 赤霞珠&玛瑟兰混酿 | Skyline of Gobi | Tiansai Vineyards 天塞酒庄 | dry red wine 干红葡萄酒 | 2015 | RRP: £20.99

Tiansai Winery sits at the Southern foothills (altitude above 1,100m) of the Tian Shan Mountains, on the path of the ancient Silk Road (200 BC) in Xinjiang, in the north-west corner of China. The winery adheres to organic practices, and has won numerous international and domestic awards.

Marselan is widely tipped to be the star variety of China. This blend balances the ripe, juicy fruity characters of Marselan with the structure and depth of Cabernet Sauvignon beautifully.

天塞酒庄位于中国西北角的新疆 — 古丝绸之路的(公元前200年)的路上, 天山山脉的南麓(海拔1,100米以上)。该酒厂实施有机农业和造酒,并赢得了许多国际和国内的奖项。


Ningxia 宁夏 | Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Gernischt blend 赤霞珠,梅乐,蛇龙珠混酿 | Jia Bei Lan Estate, 加贝兰庄园 | Helan Qingxue Vineyard 贺兰晴雪酒庄 | dry red wine 干红葡萄酒 | 2015 | RRP: £38.49

This is the winery that propelled China into the major league by winning one of the world’s top wine trophies in 2011. Helan Qingxue Vineyard sits in the foothills (at altitude around 1,100m) of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia, in north-central China.

Jia Bei Lan is the first ‘wine legend’ of China – having won numerous international accolades since its 2009 vintage the estate continues to live up to its reputation. This is the Bordeaux blend that beats the Bordeaux blends!

这家酒庄让世界对中国葡萄酒刮目相看 – 贺兰晴雪酒庄在2011年赢得了世界顶级的葡萄酒奖项,使中国产区进入了国际视野。贺兰清雪葡萄园位于中国中北部宁夏贺兰山东麓(海拔约1,100米)。

加贝兰造就了中国第一款“传奇葡萄酒” — 自2009获奖年份以来继续赢得众多国际赞誉,使酒庄的名声延绵不断。这是一款击败波尔多混酿的波尔多混酿!

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