Our Christmas Networking Reception

On Thursday the 28th of November, Cambridge China Centre capped their busy year of events with a two-part evening of networking and music. Held in the beautiful and bright St Barnabas Church, guests were treated to delicious canapes and a selection of Chinese wine provided by our valued members, the Tamburlaine Hotel and Panda Fine Wines. The reception brought together representatives from Cambridge’s business, technology, hospitality and legal sectors.


A Very Special Concert

The reception was followed by a stunning hour of music with the Aurora Percussion Duo. Described as ‘superb’ by the Financial Times and ‘extraordinary’ by Classical Source, the 120 people in our audience were fascinated by the physicality and musicality of the performance. The Duo have an exotic repertoire played on drums, marimbas and a wide range of hand percussion. Children were  captivated by the unusual drums, long-time classical listeners enjoyed the transposition of the well-loved piano music of Maurice Ravel to two marimbas, and those not accustomed to regular concert-going were very interested in seeing music presented in a fresh and vibrant way.


Holiday Surprises

As a surprise for the audience, Cambridge China Centre offered free minced pies, steaming hot punch and mulled wine to everyone. We would like to thank our co-organiser, the Cambridge China Community Centre, and our sponsors the Tamburlaine Hotel and Panda Fine Wines for helping us finish 2019 in style and with what matters to us: providing opportunities for people to connect and develop better understandings of new cultures. Thanks to all for sharing this year with us and we look forward to connecting with you during the celebrations of Chinese New Year in 2020.


Happy Holidays from Cambridge China Centre!

We look forward to seeing you during our Chinese New Year Festival in January.