Businesses all share the need to communicate effectively – and that’s where Cofinitive come in. We are a corporate communications consultancy specialising in branding, strategy, marketing communication & engagement. Cofinitive is not industry specific so clients come in all shapes and sizes, and vary greatly in the type of work they do. Cofinitive’s ‘one voice’ approach helps clients find and use their individual voice to move heads, hearts and minds, connecting with everyone from stakeholders to employees and the public. Delivering consistency consistently is one of Cofinitive’s key values and something they install in clients’ branding, engagement and communication. Cofinitive are proud to be strategic partners with Cambridge China Centre, and are committed to helping businesses build better relationships between Cambridge and China. Cofinitive would be pleased to speak to any Cambridge China Centre members about their communications strategy, do get in touch today.


Suite 8 The Old Blacksmith’s Yard
CB25 0EA

Email hello@cofinitive.com
Website https://www.cofinitive.com