Business Consultancy and Culture Preparation

With roots in the UK and in China, and a deep and sympathetic understanding of both English and Chinese cultures, Cambridge China Centre can equip our members with the knowledge and skills of working with China. Our customised trainings and workshops focus on:

  • Chinese cultural awareness and preparation
  • Doing business in China
  • Chinese business laws and regulations

Cross-culture communication and negotiation support

Strategic preparation and cultural awareness can sharpen the competitive edge for companies from the UK and China communicating and negotiating with each other. Cambridge China Centre can help you overcome language and culture barriers, and fully support you at cross-culture communications, visits, meetings and negotiations.

Translation & Interpretation

Effective cross-cultural communication enables businesses to run more smoothly. Cambridge China Centre can assist you overcoming language and culture barriers and conveying your messages to your cross-culture audience by providing high quality translation and interpretation services.

Social Media and Digital Marketing in China

Together with our strategic partners in the field of branding and marketing, we can tailor-make the most suitable digital marketing solutions for your organization in China, including Branding Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), marketing contents development, and Search engine optimization (SEO).

Tailored Recruitment

Based at an important link of the Cambridge-Oxford-London golden triangle, Cambridge China Centre is privileged connecting top talents from Cambridge, Oxford, London and beyond with top Chinese employers. We organize yearly UK recruitment tour around the UK (November time), covering most of the Russell Group universities. The recruitment fair at our yearly Cambridge China Forum (September time) is another great opportunity for top Chinese employers to spread their brand names and reach the top talents in the UK.

The above services are delivered by our strategic partners including Crayfish.io

Please contact us for further details and to discuss about your specific enquiries.


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