Flying Apsaras (Feitian)

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An apsara is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Referred to as Feitian in Chinese, apsaras are often depicted as flying figures in the mural paintings and sculptures of Buddhist cave sites in China .They may also be depicted as dancers or musicians. This print is based on renowned Chinese painter Daqian Zhang’s drawing. One layer of colour requires a set of print block. It takes 15 blocks to make this watercolour block printing.

敦煌壁画飞天图展⽰出⼗六国至元朝之间不同时代的⽂化、宗教信仰与审美等历史⾯貌,也是我们现代⼈所了解古代⽂化的⼀种重要元素。此款饾版套⾊印刷飞天图以著名的画家张⼤千临摹的飞天图为底稿, 精刻细印,⾊彩艳丽,为雕版套⾊印刷的又⼀⼒作。

Material  Rice paper and hand mounted in silk scroll
Dimensions  46cm x 120cm

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