Bamboos and Stones of Banqiao Zheng

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Banqiao Zheng ((1693-1765) is a famous painter and calligrapher in Qing Dynastry. He was good at drawing orchids, bamboo and stones. Zheng stressed the combination of poetry, calligraphy and painting, adding lines from poems to his paintings to bring out the themes. His calligraphy and paintings have high artistic value. This print is the replica of his bamboo and stone painting. The calligraphy praises the fresh produce in Yangzhou.

郑板桥(1693-1765)是清代著名书画家、⽂学家, 为“扬州⼋怪”重要代表⼈物。郑板桥⼀⽣爱⽵,所画⽵⼦秀逸多姿、风格劲峭,⾃有番超凡脱俗的风格。 此幅⽵⽯图上刻有郑板桥⾃题诗句:“扬州鲜笋趁鲥鱼,烂煮春风三⽉初。为语厨⼈休斫(zhuo)尽,清光留此照摊书”。

Material  Rice paper and hand mounted in silk scroll
Dimensions  45cm x 82cm

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