Business Consultancy and Culture Preparation

With roots in the UK and in China, and a deep and sympathetic understanding of both English and Chinese cultures, Cambridge China Centre can equip our members with the knowledge and skills of working with China. Our customised trainings and workshops focus on:

  • Chinese cultural awareness and preparation
  • Doing business in China
  • Chinese business laws and regulations

Support with Receiving Chinese Business Delegations

Enquiries from Chinese delegations interested in learning and collaborating with Cambridgeshire businesses are increasing every year. But which enquiries are right for you? Cambridge China Centre can work with you to review your enquiries, identify the valuable ones and support your cross-cultural communications. Services includes overcoming language and culture barriers, screening enquiries, and managing meetings, negotiations and on-site visits.

Corporate Language & Culture Courses

Cambridge China Centre designs and delivers business Chinese language and culture training. Working with our Strategic Partner at The Confucius Institute for Business London – LSE, we can organise tailored Chinese courses & cultural events for your company’s senior management and employees to meet your needs at every level.

Social Media and Digital Marketing in China and UK Chinese outlets

Together with our Strategic Partners in the field of branding and marketing, we can tailor-make the most suitable digital marketing solutions for your organization. We can help with:

  • Marketing and social media in China
  • Chinese-language marketing and social media in Cambridge and the UK.
  • Innovative promotions for merchants through Chinese mobile payment platforms like Alipay.

Co-organise China-Related Events

Cambridge China Centre can help you organise bespoke China-related events for your business.

  • Co-organise events to enhance business potentials with Chinese market & partners;
  • Co-organise cultural/business workshops to promote UK/China understanding and relationship;
  • Help you connect with the Chinese market and the Chinese Community in Cambridge.

The above services are delivered by Cambridge China Centre and our Strategic Partners.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss about your specific enquiries.


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